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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

C&C LANDFALL 38 Hull Number Database

The C&C LANDFALL 38 were first built in 1979 and last built in 1985. Several sources state that about 180 were built, but hull numbers range much higher suggesting that more like 250 were built.  The LANDFALL 38 were built at C&C's Rhode Island (USA) plant, and as such the hull identifiers start with "CCY" (except for one which was built at C&C's Niagra on the Lake plant which has a hull identifier starting with "ZCC" instead).

An interesting story provides some hints as to why in 1982 the last two hulls from C&C went from # ~160  straight to #229 and thus likely resolves the 180-250 confusion.  Rather than going back, the 1983 production started off with hull #230.  Further support comes from that fact that so far  hull numbers in the range from ~160-228 have not been reported.  For more details "see Golden Handshake".  [UPDATE] With the addition of hull #165 built in 1984 at the Rhode Island plant, it turns out the confusion continues.

Hull # Model Year note Vessel Hailing Port Owner
001 1979 S/V Cool Change Portland, Oregon Frank Noragon
004 1979 S/V Pegasus Ballard, WA Doug Mountjoy
009 1979 S/V Oceanis Bayfield, WI Fred Street
013 1979 S/V Masala Wiarton, ON Jeff Cole
035 1980 S/V 2 C'S Sausalito, CA David Clay
040 1980 S/V Allies Galley
068 1980 S/V Nina St John, VI Brian Davis
071 1980 S/V Topanga II Newburyport, MA Tom Lochhaas
072 1980 S/V Pegathy Pasadena, Md Dan Sheer
088 1981 S/V Johanna Rose Carrabelle, FL Paul Eugenio
0901981 S/V Stella Blue San Francisco, CA Wally Bryant
1061981 S/V Interlude Sheboygan, WI Michael McGrane
1081981 S/V Animus Stuart, FL John Davenport
115 Jeff
125 1982 destroyed by fire in 2007 Stinky Dog Davy Jones's Locker Ray Shibe
136 1982 S/V Adios Richman, VA Doug Ludeman
144 1982 S/V Aero Nauti Anoka, MN Robert Lingman
149 1982 S/V Anastasia Richmond, VA Charles Howe
155 1983 S/V Cassidy's Free Kingston, Ontario John Christopher
165 1984 S/V Alegria Racine, WI Spencer & Martha Johnson
214 1982 built in Niagara on the Lake S/V Raft Midland, ON Ross & Beverly Joslin
229 1982 built in Niagara on the Lake (see Golden Handshake) S/V Prime Interest Toronto, ON Ed Vanderkruk
230 1983 S/V Rainy Days Annapolis, MD Robert Boyer
1984 S/V Violet Hour Seattle, WA Patrick Davin
234 1984 S/V Plan B St Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia John Sandford

To update or add to the hull number registry, just leave a information in a comment below.


  1. Paul - I've got hull #106 built 1981 - S/V Interlude - Hailing from Sheboygan, WI

  2. Hey Paul....sorry to mess up your hull numbering theory....or I an just an excepyion....

    1984 Landfall 38 "Alegria" #165
    HIN CCY38165M84B
    Rhode Island
    USCG documented

    Spencer & Martha Johnson
    Mount Prospect, IL

    Hailing port - Racine, WI


  3. To

    John Sandford

    Message body
    Sorry to take so long to get back to you.

    Raft is a 1982 Landfall 38, ordered from Dockside Yachts in Bayfield on Aug 27/81 for $122,359.85, She was built in Niagara on the Lake and was delivered May 25th1982.
    Her serial No. is ZCC38214M82C. I will try and get some interior and exterior shots in the spring after cleanup and the tarp comes off, Have a good winter


  4. Mine is an 83, hull 155, s/v Cassidy's Free, Kingston Ontario, John Christopher

  5. John Davenport
    S/V Animus
    HIN 108
    Stuart, Florida