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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ground Tackle Upgrade

Prior to the present upgrade, the ground tackle consisted of a Fortress GX-23 anchor, 20' 5/16" chain, and 200' 5/8" 3-strand nylon rode.  The Fortress was set and raised by hand.  For the most part, this set up worked well, but on accessional wind shifts, the anchor would break free, foul, and fail to re-set.  With the upgrade, the Fortress has become a second or kedging anchor which is easily set-able from a dinghy.

Components of the New Ground Tackle

  • 44 lb Vulcan anchor made by Rocna
    • Fisheries Supply: $383.99 with free shipping
  • Mantus S1 universal swivel
    • Mantus Anchors: $42 + $5 shipping
  • 150' 5/16" HT G4 Acco chain
    • Defender: $3.29/ft (saved $175 shipping by purchasing at the Defender store location) 
  • 150' 5/8" Nylon 8-plait rope
    •  $1.03/ft + $13.87 shipping
  • 15' Anchor snubber:
    • Made with 25' of the 8-plait rope, 3' of Dyneema Anti-Chafing Sleeve, 5/8" stainless steel thimble, and the Mantus 5/16" chain hook
  • Maxwell RC8-8 windlass 5/16" chain to 5/8" rope
    • $992.94 + $40.10 shipping

The 44lb Vulcan from Rocna. 
5/16" Acco G-4 chain purchased at Defender.

The Mantus S1 Anchor Swivel.  I originally intended not to use a swivel
but every good quality shackle I tried would hang up on the bow roller.
The Mantus S1 solved this problem and it likely the strongest and most reliable
anchor swivel available.  It is rated stronger that the chain for which Mantus
calls "The Strongest Link in Your Chain". 

The Maxwell RC8-8 windlass installed with the chain pipe over the anchor
locker and the windlass drive and motor over the v-berth in a leak-free installation.

Volcan anchor on bow roller.
Hand spliced 5/8" Nylon snubber with a Mantus
chain hook. The snubber consists of two 12' sections
with loop on one end spliced to a 5' section
 with thimble & chain hook on the other end forming
a "Y" bridal set up. Dyneema sleeves were
installed at the location where the subber pass
through the bow chocks.

About a year after the initial installation, the
non-skid on part of the anchor locker lid had
some wear marks due to chain slap. The wear
 was confined to a small region.  A stainless
steel door push plate (3-1/2" x 16" )purchased
at Home Depot for $10 and installed over the
wear region.   

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